Monday, December 19, 2011

Sexy Women Pt 1

I was out and about the other day and I overheard a conversation two women were having.  One said to the other that she could not find a good man to date because she was fat.  What what?  There is no way I could have heard that right.  Of course at that point I give the woman a closer look and she is beautiful.  I didn't get it.  But seeing as I didn't know this woman and have some tact and self control I didn't say anything to her.  I am sure there was more to her story but it set me off on a tangent.  Which leads to me to the point of today's rant.  Being attractive, sexy and beautiful really don't have anything to do with size.  I am not a therapist so I'm not going to blather on about self esteem or anything else like that.  (I will suggest if you feel that you have a poor self image or lack of confidence please seek out a professional to talk to.)  Think of this post as a little kick in the pants, not a how to guide.

I asked my friends and family what they thought the sexiest things about women are.  I asked online and IRL so I got lots of responses and in no particular order here are some of my favorite and most common responses.


Yes some of those are physical things, but they're not things limited to thin women.  I will tell ya'll that not one person I asked said the most beautiful thing about a woman was how thin she was.  Now I will share my two favorite responses.

 And I think the sexiest thing about women is the delicate balance between beauty and power and their complexity and vulnerability. When a woman wants you, she wants all of you and that enveloping nature is delicious.

Women, I find women sexy.  Everything about them.  I like women

My next post will feature some of the hottest women I know!!  I know I'm excited!!


Amber said...

I'm excited. This blog is awesome. Sara, you have a way with words.

What Pale Blue Dot? said...

I feel famous. :)

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