Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lactards vs The Goodie Bag

There is a war going on people, one you may not even know about.  Mothers beware.  This

is out to destroy your child's future.

What?  You don't believe me?  Well you are right, that little sample sized can of formula is not out to get you, but there is a movement to ban giving them out in the free bag you get in the hospital.  I couldn't believe there was a whole movement full of people hell bent on telling you the right way to feed your kid!

Before anyone jumps on me about feeling sad I didn't breastfeed my kids or that I feel guilty for choosing formula you can SUCK IT.  I breastfed all 6 of my kiddos.

 If you are given a free sample you will FAIL at breast feeding.  You will succumb to it's sirens call in the middle of the night.  You will give your baby 1 bottle and then it's over.  You will never bring your baby to your breast again.  

Ok I'm done being sarcastic (for the most part).  I would like to know why people in this movement are not looking for real ways to promote breastfeeding?  Why are they not looking for ways to support mothers who would like to breastfeed?  If you want more women to breastfeed, why not promote longer maternity leave?  Heck let's make it paid leave while we're at it.  How about beefing up the number of LC's?  The question I would really like answered though is WHY DO YOU THINK WOMEN ARE SO WEAK? One more small question if you're out to ban the sample what are you saying to mothers who choose formula?  

I don't want to enter the whole breast milk vs formula debate.  In my very humble opinion, one is definitely better than the other.  And that is whatever works best for each family.  End of story.


staceyjw said...

THANK for this post.!

It makes me so angry that a few lactards (great word, btw) want to take free stuff away from the FF moms, who are the majority. Guess what? Ff moms aren't dumb, we choose not to BF because we don't want to. It really is that simple. You can bully me all you want, Im not doing it.

If you BF and don't want the Ff, say no, or take it out and leave it in the hospital, or give to a FF mom you know. But please, don't crusade against formula samples, most of us appreciate not havingnto buy FF, even in small amounts. Its real money we lose, and it doesn't make BF more appealing when lacktivists are such bullies.

Shay said...

I exclusively breastfeed. I can not be more thankful for formula samples sent in the mail. At about three days old with each of my children, we realized the breastmilk just wasn't cutting it yet and they were starving! It has happened all three times! A couple of ounces of formula and giving the boobs a break while they slept and we are good to breastfeed as long as we want. If we didn't get the samples in the mail, it would have been at least an hour from the time the midwife said, "Give that baby some formula" until baby was content and fed. No one wants to wait that long when they are told their newborn is dehydrated. Especially when they are told this by a "crunchy" midwife!

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